Our Donors

Senior Services of Northern Kentucky thanks the following people, organizations, businesses, trusts and foundations for their generous support. Your donations help Northern Kentucky seniors Live Well. Age Well.®

The following memorial donations were made in Fiscal Year 2015:
Sandy Utz, in Honor of Marie Daugherty
Carole E. Kaiser, in Honor of Shirley Kaiser
Christopher J. & Susan R. Meyer, in Honor of Norma O. and Andrew C. Meyer, Sr.
Robert E. & Jeana R. Sand, in Honor of Mildred Heiert
Paul P. & Mary J. Minton, in Honor of Mildred Heiert
Vernon G. & Mary Enzweiler, in Honor of Mildred Heiert
Wayne & Marlene Fromm, in Honor of Mildred Heiert
Frank J. & Audrey L. Dietrich, in Honor of Mildred Heiert

The following individuals and organizations made donations in Fiscal Year 2015 (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015):

Altruistic ($10,000+)
Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Benevolent ($1,000-$4,999)
Meals on Wheels Association of America Foundation, Inc

Compassionate ($500-$999)
Derek Beeker
Helen F. Horton
Mary Beth Mapstone
Mira Runion
Seven Hills Church

Concerned ($100-$499)

Arthur C. Thomson
Betty Corkew
First Christian Church
Kimberly A. Behle
Lonnie E. Lafavers
Regina “Rusty” Sheehan
Seven Hills Summer Camp
Sharon Johnson
Therese E. Humpert
Wilbert L. Ziegler

Caring ($1-$99)

Allan Daigle
Angela M. Haddox
Anita L. Wilhelm
Anita M. Kasten
Anna Marie Evans
Bernadette Murphy
Betty H. Webster
Bob W. Steffen
Bonnie L. Thomas
Carol S. Koch
Carole E. Kaiser
Charlene V. Baker
Charles A. Havens
Charles Jaber
Cheryl D. Pugh
Chester Nelson
Christopher J. Meyer
Dawn Lamping
Deborah R. Struve
Dee Wilson
Del A. Burchell
Dennis E. Swikert
Dennis P. Huber
Donna M. Trenkamp
Earl Curry
Ellie Lowry
Frank J. Dietrich
Gary Wesdorp
Geni R. Fryman
Gerald Purcel
Hannelore Harris
Ida M. Zinam
James McGarr
Jeffrey S. Reed
Joan C. Walson
Joann R. Schwartz
John K. Puckett
John M. Kennedy
Joy Kimberly LaFollette
Juanita Z. Hanna
Judith S. Hontas
Karen Blair
Karen S. Sears
Kathleen Vonderhaar
Keith D. Logsdon

Keith Geiman
Kenneth J. Schultz
Kimberly R. Remmell
Linda Baker
Lisa M. Bayne
Margaret Markowitz
Martha Fagin
Martha L. Bunch
Maureen C. Durbin
Michael M. McElwee
Nabil M. Boulos
Nancy J. Barczak
Nancy Misner
Neil Bain
Pat Geller
Paul A. Termuhlen
Paul P. Minton
Robert E. Sand
Robert Mason
Robert Shearer
Robert V. Brown
Robert W. Zembrodt
Robin R. Saylor
Roger W. Vallandingham
Ronald C. Goetz
Russell L. Tiemeyer
Sadie Harris
Sandy Utz
Sanford Boles
Sara Robinson
Sharon Heuser
Shirley T. Phillips
Stephen A. Meier
Thomas W. Carr
Timothy Klette
Todd H. Bailey
Velma C. Slayback
Velva L. Kuhn
Vernon G. Enzweiler
Victoria E. Sebastian
Virginia Delaney
Virginia Hammond
Wayne Fromm
William Bradbury

The following memorial donations were made in Fiscal Year 2014:
Al and Edie Schilling, in Honor of Marie Harris
Albert Czarnecki, in Honor of Lu Czarnecki
Aneta M. Helmer, in Memory of Delores Rabe
Anonymous, in Honor of Dottie Jones
Barbara Chapman, in Honor of Hospice of Bluegrass patients served by SSNK
Barbara Smith, in Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Harold Ebert
Beatrice Cleary, in Honor of William Akers
Becky Foster, in Honor of Marc Neltner
Behringer-Crawford Museum, in Memory of Charlie Elsener
Bequest by Dorothy Jones, in Honor of Dottie Jones
Bettie Ishmael, in Honor of Larry Breakers
Betty Maegly, in Honor of Dottie Jones
Betty Sexton, in Honor of Mother and all other seniors
Betty Sexton For All Seniors Who Need Help
Betty Sexton, in Honor of All Seniors
Cecilia Carey, in Honor of Mike Murphy
Charles / Cheryl Faust, in Memory of Cheryl Faust
Charles Jaber, in Honor of Juanita Jaber
Charlotte Wethington, in Memory of Marjorie Smoot
Cheryl Hill, in Honor of Grace Ramsey
Christopher / Susan Meyer, in Honor of Norma and Andrew Meyer, Sr.
Christopher / Susan Meyer, in Honor of Norma and Andrew Meyer, Sr.
Claire Merman, in Honor of Marie Harris
Col. David Hiser, in Honor of Roy and Thelma Hiser
Col. David Hiser, in Honor of Colonel Hiser’s Grandparents
Col. David Hiser, in Honor of Eileen Thornton
Covinton Scottish Rite Almoners Fund, in Memory of Edgar L. Colston
Danny and Amy Gribbins, in Honor of Walter Dauzenberg
David / Linda Rechtin, in Honor of Virginia Hassert
David/ Kim Flege, in Honor of Mildred Flege
Debbie Linneman, in Honor of Dorothy Grainger
Don / Rebecca Kelm For All Seniors Who Need Help
Elizabeth Schumacher, in Honor of Tillie and Fritz Schumacher
Elizabeth Schumacher, in Honor of Tillie and Fritz Schumacher
Elizabeth Schumacher, in Honor of Tillie and Fritz Schumacher
Frank and Vicki David, in Honor of Donald Berger
Fred/ Geraldine Wege, in Honor of David Weisbrod
Freida Blair, in Memory of Ethel Stacy
Geraldine Foltz, in Honor of Phyllis Dietz
Greg Scanlon, in Honor of Mike Murphy
Harry Eagen, in Honor of Dottie Jones
Jame M/Melanie S. Cahill, in Memory of Robert John Mersch
James & Donna Clapp, in Memory of Marie Harris
James Cartwright, in Memory of Rose Cartwright
James Lampe, in Honor of Marie C. Harris
Jane and Andy Kohrs, in Memory of Marie Harris
Janet Grau, in Memory of Charles Elsener
Jean Jennings, in Honor of Dottie Jones
JoAnn Knock, in Honor of Daisy Creekmore & Leona Knock
Joe Droege, in memory of Vivian Roth
John Morrison / Irene Jentz, in Honor of Daniel and Eva Morrison
John Morrison / Irene Jentz, in Memory of deceased members of the Morrison and Jentz families
Juanita Hanna, in Honor of Thomas Hanna
Juanita Hanna, in Memory of Thomas Hanna
Judy McKinney, in Honor of Norm Williams
Judy Wallace, in Loving Memory of Kodi
Julia Waters, in Honor of Jane Ogden
Karen George, in Memory of Josepeh D. Riedinger
Karen George, in Honor of Richard Stumpf
Kathleen Kreger, in Honor of Jerry Kreger
Kathryn Yeager, in Honor of Mike Murphy
Kerry/ Debbie Howard, in Memory of Parents Bob & Maxine Tully
Kim and Matt Schamer, in Memory O Charles Elsener
Kimberly and Barry Johnson, in Honor of Hazel Brown and Marie Webster
Kurt & Julie Foglesong, in Memory of Allene Foglesong & Mary Pietryga
Leslee Garner, in Honor of Ann J. Benning
Linda Schneider, in Memory of Charles Elsener
Lisa Collins, in Honor of Anne O’Neill Collins
Lisa Foster, in Honor of Bill & Lucy Lillard
Lisa Foster, in Honor of Bill & Lucy Lillard
Lori Steely, in Honor of In Memory of Lori Steely’s Mother
Marcella Pangallo, in Honor of Tim Pangallo
Marcia Lewsi, in Honor of Janice Rossow
Margaret Harrison, in Memory of Fred Harrison
mark & Sherry Jahnke, in Memory of Ruth G. Stevens
Mark and Susan McDonald, in Memory of Martha Humbert
Marsha Westmeyer, in Honor of Vivian Biddle
Martha/ James Davey, in Memory of Cecil and Delores Howard
Marvin Coyle, in Honor of Vera Coyle
Marvin Knobloch, in Memory of Barbara Knobloch
Mary Jean Putteet, in Memory of Earl and Stella Wethington
Mary Jean Putteet, in Memory of Earl and Stella Wethington
Marylyn Majancsik, in Honor of Richard Majancsik
Melvin / Wilma Brankamp, in Honor of Marian Ecker
Michael / Mary Elaine Higgins, in Memory of our Son Michael K. Higgins
Michael Widdis, in Honor of Frances Corgan
Mike Hughes, in Memory of Mother Betty Murphy
Myrtle Hacker, in Honor of Joseph Hacker
Nancy Clare, in Honor of Dottie Jones
Palazzolo Family, in Honor of Marianne Burke
Patricia Ampfer, in Honor of Marie Ampfer
Patricia and Joseph Brosky, in Memory of Alice Carnohan
Patty Watts, in Honor of Tricia Watts
Patty Watts, in Honor of Tricia Watts
Paul / Patricia Schaefer, in Honor of Ruth Keaney
Randall / Roxanne Marsh, in Memory of Bob & “Dood” Marsh and Ruth McFarland
Randy and Barbara McGraw, in Memory of All SSNK Does for NKY Seniors
Raymond & Marcia Elfers, in Memory of Charles Elsener
Rita / Karen Stapleton, in Honor of Theresa Kremer
Robert and Rita Wetterstroem, in Memory of William D. Whalen
Robert Jacobs, in Honor of Mary Lou Jacobs
Robert Jacobs, in Honor of Mary Lou Jacobs
Robert Paul, in Memory of Bart Dickerson
Robert Schroeder, in Memory of Charles Elsener
Robin Hite, in Memory of Mildred Vulhop
Ronald Murphy, in Honor of Henrietta Murphy
Ronald Murphy, in Memory of Margie Rapp
Rose and Henry Wilder, in Honor of In Honor of a new home and good wishes Ms. Cendra Hughes and family and Mr. David Mintzer
Ruth Ruberg, in Memory of Elvira Koop
Ruth Styles, in Honor of Elizabeth Sands
Ryan Family, in Honor of Mike Murphy
Sally Volter, in Honor of Blodevin Woods
Sally Volter, in Memory of Blodevin Woods
Sandara & David Herth, in Honor of Dottie Jones
Sandra/ Arlyn Easton, in Honor of Mary Watson’s 80th Birthday
Shirley/V.C. Thompson, in Honor of Ellen Thompson
Shirley/V.C. Thompson, in Honor of Ellen Thompson
Shirley/V.C. Thompson, in Honor of Ellen Thompson
Stephanie Siegrist, in Honor of Anna Jo Kirchgassner
Sue Massey, in Honor of Dottie Jones
Sydney & Walter Haggerty, in Memory of Charles Elsener
Ted/ Jerri Abramis, in Honor of Nancy Eubanks
Theresa Mohan, in Honor of Keith Gambrel
Thomas / Linda Herms, in Honor of Janet Herms
Thomas Brown, in Memory of Amy Donatelli
Thomas Fisher, in Honor of Ms. Geraldine Sipple
Tille Hasson, in Honor of Tillie’s 92 year old Mother who beat Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
Timothy Yelton, in Memory of Joan Yelton
Tom, Millie, Gergory Kuecherl, in Honor of Marie Harris
Toni and Ken Klein, in Memory of William Banks
Toni Payton, in Memory of Mary Payton
Wanda and Kermit Ballmer, in Memory of Bryan Armstrong
Wanda Riegler, in Memory of Albert Hue, Jr.
William / Beverly Freeman, in Honor of Steven Hagedorn
William Scheyer, in Honor of Elnora Scheyer

The following individuals and organizations made donations in Fiscal Year 2014 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014):

Altruistic ($10,000+)

Wal-Mart Foundation
Durr Foundation
Patrick W. Ryan Fund of the Greater Cincinnation Foundation
The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./US Bank Foundation
The Spaulding Foundation
Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels
Smith – Edward P. and Mary Klein Smith Private Foundation
Julee Stroup
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.
The Sutphin Family Foundation

HUMANITARIAN ($5,000-$9,999)

Scripps Howard Foundation
The Spirit of Cincinnatus, Inc.
City of Bellevue
The Marc and Susan Neltner Family Fund
Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation

BENEVOLENT ($1,000-$4,999)

Ada L. Garrett
Banfield Charitable Trust
Barbara L. Moran Johnson
Cengage Learning
Document Retrieval Network
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Fidelity Investments
Florence Freedom Professional Baseball
Gallenstein Compaines, LLC
Gerald E. Benzinger
H. Gordon Martin Foundation
Health South Northern Kentucky Rehabiliation Hospital
Jana K. Kemp
Johnson Controls
Kathleen Vonderhaar
Kenton County Animal Shelter
Kenton County Recreation District
Kenton Heights Woman’s Club
Marc J. Neltner
Mark Palazzo
Mary Ann Hines
Mary Beth Mapstone
Maxwell C. Weaver Foundation
Meals on Wheels Association of America Foundation, Inc
Michael V. Downing
Northern Kentucky Home Builders Women’s Community Action
Ohio Valley United Charities, Inc.
Pendleton County Senior Citizens Club
Precision Control and Property Maintenance, Inc.
The Kroger Co. Foundation
Ultimate Air Shuttle


AJ Green
Alfred Brunner
Ann Ruttle
Baptist Life Communities
Benjarvus J. Green-Ellis
Boone County Animal Shelter
Burfict Vontaze
Cecilia Matos
Citizens Bank of Northern Kentucky
Community Foundation of Northern Kentucky
Deanna L. Moon
Debbie Howard
Dorothy P. Jones
Dressman, Benzinger & LaVelle PSC
Family Watch LLC
Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association
Isaac P. Thomas
Jane Beuttel
Joyce Venneman
Julie A. Gripshover
Kenneth Rechtin
Libby Perszyk Kathman
Lou Ann Holtzleiter
Melissa A. Lueke
Michael Johnson
Regina “Rusty” Sheehan
Rich Insurance
RSVP Home Care, Inc 04-07
Stephen Pujol
Susan J. Morris
The Ethel and Sam Garber Foundation
The Next Chapter Church
Thomas Hummel
Tim McClanahan
Tricia Watts
Vincent T. Rey
Virginia Hammond
William B. Monnig

CONCERNED ($100-$499)

Air Care and Mobile Care
Alan F. Jaeger
Alan J. Hartman
Albert E. Ruschman
Allan Daigle
Amy Wright
Angela M. Haddox
Angela Mulberry
Ann Mary Quarandillo
Ann McCrady
Anna Marie Evans
Anna R. Christen
Anne Kaylor
Arlyn T. Easton
Barbara Harbin
Barbara L. Kinman
Barbara Wilkinson
Bernadette Murphy
Beth R. Healy
Betty H. Webster
Betty L. Galley
Betty W. Ludden
Beverly Tarren
Bluegrass Surface Mount Solutions, LLC
Brandi Stallman
Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis
Carol Vitucci
Carolyn K. Lewis
Cathy Johnson
Cathy Stickels
Charleen A. Murphy
Charlene Rouse
Charles A. Havens
Charles E. Walz
Charles Jaber
Charles Laibly
Charles P. Brewer
Charles Patrick Farm & Rental
Charlotte L. Scholl
Charlotte R. Wethington
Cheryl D. Vandelicht
Cheryl G. Allari
Chris Comte
Christina A. Cavallo
Christopher J. Meyer
Cindy G. MacMillan
Clara Nin
Covington Scottish Rite Bodies Almoners Fund
Dagaz Indiana, Inc.
Dale Henson
Dan D. Carter
Daniel G. Fagel
Daniel Tobergte
David E. Schachere
David L. Anneken
David M. Ammer
David M. Crail
Debbie A. Thaman
Debbie Rizzo
Derek Beeker
Diana L. Metcalf
Dieter Forthuber
Donald C. Fritz
Donald Gaynor
Donald I. Corken
Donald R. Brockmeier
Donna M. Trenkamp
Doris Mischke
Douglas M. Stephens
Edson Ito
Edward L. Etter
Edward W. Miles
Eldon Ahlman
Elizabeth Jackson
Elizabeth L. Schumacher
Elizabeth Yellman
Eric Summe
Evelyn Ballard
First Christian Church
Frank W. Swartz
Fred W. Wege
Freida Blair
Gary Goforth
Gary Ussel
Gary Wesdorp
Gateway-Potter & Assoc. LLC.
Geni R. Fryman
George J. Budig
George L. Hendley
George M. Berry
George W. Kingston
Gerald Purcel
Gilbert Embry
Gilbert R. Webb
Great American Trucking
Greg D. Voss
Gregory A. Baker
Hagedorn Appliances, LLC
Harper Oil Products
Helen K. Pence
Herbert Spaeth
Hertha R. Smith
Howard B. Hodge
Howard L. Fischer
Howell Elementary School
Ida M. Zinam
Jack Scheben
Jacquelyn J. Remley
James A. Gaines
James D. Radigan
James McGarr
James R. Palmer
James R. Yunker
James Theron Wells
James W. Cahill
Jane Huesman
Janet Shanley
Janice Coppage Mortenson Family Fund
Jean Loftus
Jennifer Mercado
Jerri M. Abramis
Jerry G. Hampton
Jerry McClanahan
Jim R. Hilgefort
Joan C. Walson
Joan Schneider
Joann Knock
Joe Bristow
Joel F. Williams
John C. James
John D. Blignaut
John F. Rowland
John Joseph J. Pennington
John Kahle
John M. Kennedy
John S. Domaschko
John S. Rankin
Joseph A. Milburn
Joseph R. Crockett
Joseph Subaru
Joy Henderson
Judy F. Howe
Judy Malone
Julia Waters
Julie Gouge
Kara Williams
Karen S. Sears
Kathleen Kreger
Kathleen M. Hurley
Kathy Choi
Keith D. Logsdon
Kelly Bernstein
Kelly S. Barrett
Ken W. Gough
Kenneth F. Klein
Kimberly R. Fariello
Kimberly Teegarden
Kristi J. Jennings
Kurt M. Foglesong
Ladies Auxiliary/Ralph Fulton VFW
Larry A. Donoso
Larry Snyder
Len Cavanaugh
Leslee Garner
Lisa G. Foster
Lisa M. Bayne
Lois D. Hamill
Lonnie E. Lafavers
Lynda Rager
Marcia Lewis
Mark J. Barbara
Marsha A. Ladenburger
Marsha Bell
Martin G. Due
Marty A. Brooks
Mary Ann Ehlman
Mary Bruins
Mary L. Lonneman
Matthew M. Bauer
Michael Dutle
Michael J. Ifcic
Michael M. Sketch
Michael Maier
Michael Schoettelkotte
Mickey A. Phillips
Mike Herzog
Minuteman Press
Monica L. Dias
Mortenson Family Dental
Myrtle E. Hacker
Nancy J. Barczak
Nancy J. Tretter
Nancy N. Thompson
Nasrin Malayery
Neil Bain
Nelson Loftis
New Friends of Northern Kentucky
NNR Global Logistics
Oakland Avenue Baptist Church
Owen Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Pamella Combs
Patricia A. Ampfer
Patrick Hughes
Patrick Klocke
Patty S. Watts
Patty Voss
Paul A. Termuhlen
Peggy D. Hess
Peter C. Muskat
Phil Turner
Pulmonary Partners
Quinn Electric Corp
Randall G. Marsh
Raymond B. Putteet
Rebecca A. Schmidt
Regina Sapona
Richard C. Atkinson
Richard L. Hughes
Richard W. Blank
Rita Bitter
Rita H. Wetterstroem
Robert G. Ingguls
Robert Giaccone
Robert Mason
Robert Mitts
Robert Paul
Robert Pyle
Robert Shearer
Roeding Insurance Group
Roger Steinmetz
Ronald Monson
Ronald Rabenold
Rosalie Gleim
Rose Communication
Roy Newman
Ruby I. Emmelhainz
Russell L. Tiemeyer
Russell Stamper
Ruth Everett
Sabrina Spaulding
Sadie Harris
Sanford Boles
Santen & Hughes, A Legal Professional Association
Scarf It Up
Schubert Art & Design LLC
Scott Hiltibrand
Sean Detisch
Senior First Care Advisors
Sharon Webb
Sherrie L. Carlotta
Sisters of Notre Dame of Covington, Inc.
St. Elizabeth Healthcare – Ft. Thomas
St. Henry Church
St. Timothy Church
St. Walburg Monastery
Star Building Materials, Inc.
Stephanie C. Siegrist
Stephanie Laake
Stephen A. Meier
Stephen T. Roeding
Sunday Morning Club
Susan Bridges
Susan Davis
Susan J. Troutt
Susan K. Cook
Suzanne L. Chubb
Sylvia A. Troescher
Tana Loveless
The Newport Aquarium
Thomas A. Braun
Thomas Guidugli
Thomas Hoppenjans
Thomas J. Anderson
Thomas W. Hammons
Thomas W. Scheper
Timothy Klette
Timothy L. Hardman
Timothy S. Mauntel
Timothy W. Yelton
Tom Duncan
Toni Daniels
Uma Nanjundan
Velva L. Kuhn
Vicki S. David
Victoria Wordeman
Virginia Delaney
Western and Southern Financial Group
William A. Smith
William Bradbury
William M. McKim
William T. Robinson
Zachary Jordan

CARING ($1-$99)

Adam W. Feinauer
Adrienne A. Simpson
Al Appel
Al Laker
Al Schilling
Albert C. Czarnecki
Almeda C. Key
Aloysius J. Meese
Alta Cox
Amber N. Wilson
Amy Gribbins
Amy McHugh
Andrea L. Williams
Andrea M. Foltz
Andrew M. Hugenberg
Aneta Helmer
Angela M. Fanizza-Orphanos
Anita M. Heidrich
Anita M. Kasten
Ann Franxmann
Ann Kissel
Ann P. Strunk
Anna M. Branson
Anna M. Knipper
Anna M. Rust
Anna Romito
Anneliese M. Ellington
Anthony B. Morgan
Anthony M. Pangallo
Ardella Bachmann
Arlene M. Wagner
Arthur H. Lazur
Atria Summit Hills
Audrey Lacy
B. Joan Mitchell
Banfield Pet Hospital
Barb Bennett
Barbara Chapman
Barbara J. Knight
Barbara J. Zimmer
Barbara McGraw
Barbara S. McKenney
Barbara Smith
Barbara Weisbrod
Barry E. Peper
Beatrice Cleary
Beatrice Menning
Behringer-Crawford Museum
Belinda Harris
Bellevue Animal Hospital
Bertha P. Meighen
Bethanie Mettling
Bette Lindley
Bettie Ishmael
Betty Canty
Betty Engelman
Betty J. Baker
Betty J. Howell
Betty J. Martin
Betty L. Plummer
Betty L. Snyder
Betty M. Sexton
Betty Pfeiffer
Bev Epperson
Beverly De Moss
Beverly Dolph
Beverly J. Laughlin
Beverly S. Darlington
Billy W. Wesley
Bob W. Steffen
Bobby Marsh
Bonnie Hosea
Bonnie L. Thomas
Bonnie Nilles
Bonnie Thompson
Brandy Justice
Brian E. McKinney
Brian Horner
Brooke W. Gillingham
Bruce A. Snider
C. Wayne Purtilar
Calvert Store
Calvin C. Kelly
Carmin Moutinho
Carol A. Benson
Carol A. Roettger
Carol Gadd
Carol Lindon
Carol S. Coomer
Carol S. Devenny
Carol S. Koch
Carol S. Marksberry
Carol S. Pope
Carol T. Onest
Carol Weber
Carole E. Kaiser
Carole J. McCubbin
Carolyn Keith
Carolyn Lowman
Carolyn S. Walker
Catherine Exeler
Catherine Tape
Cathy Noyes
Cecilia A. Carey
Center for Great Neighborhoods
Charlene L. Rogers
Charlene V. Baker
Charles Billiter
Charles F. Faust
Charles H. Frick
Charles L. Meyers
Charles L. Schuh
Charles P. Brewer
Charles W. Fedders
Charlotte Alexander
Cheryl D. Pugh
Cheryl L. Hill
Christina Ziegler
Claire Merman
Claire Sloan
Clarence R. Lassetter
Cleo C. McKnight
Clyde C. Corken
Constance Toller
Craig Colabaugh
Craton M. Noyes
Crestville Drugs, Inc.
Curt A. Czirr
Cynthia Mersch
Damon Lynch
Dan J. Chism
Daniel F. Obrien
Daniel Risch
Daniel T. Dougherty
Darlene Summe
Daryl Poe
David A. Hiltz
David A. Sydnor
David D. Mumm
David Darby
David Freer
David Hamilton
David Hite
David Jardon
David L. Hiser
David L. Molique
David L. Shuler
David M. Flege
David M. Wheeler
David Rechtin
David S. Thelen
Dawn Lamping
Dean D. Skinner
Debbie K. Linneman
Deborah A. Hopkins
Deborah J. Furnier
Debra L. Fitzgerald
Dee Wilson
Del A. Burchell
Della M. Mueller
Delores Wolfzorn
Dennis A. Green
Dennis E. Swikert
Dennis G. Harden
Dennis Hasson
Dennis Hopperton
Dennis P. Duritsch
Dennis P. Huber
Dennis Perce
Denny Mussman
Diane Herrmann
Diane Johnson
Diane K. Sinclair
Diane Logston
Diane St. Onge
Dixie Hoffman
Dolores A. Walter
Don Clare
Don Goode
Donald Clark
Donald R. Kelm
Donald R. Wenzel
Donald W. Mattingly
Donna Remley
Dorothy F. Allen
Dorothy M. Dietz
Dorothy P. Otten
Douglas J. Keller
Dustin L. Dichiara
E. S. Goley
East Fork Stables
Ebru Gultekin
Edna Hale
Edward E. Brinegar
Edward Hansen
Edward Schlabach
Edwin Sypolt
Elizabeth Kirby
Elizabeth Maegly
Elizabeth Owen
Elizabeth Pohlabeln
Elmer E. Emmerich
Elmer J. Bertram
Elmore A. Bezold
Eloise D. Eads
Erin M. Palazzolo
Erwin Furst
Estelle Bonnick
Ethel L. Ingalls
Eugene H. Locke
Eugene R. Woolridge
Eunice Fowler
Evelyn H. Ganci
Evelyn J. Macklin
Evelyn Jackson
Evolution Creative Solutions
F&N Sheppard & Co. Belting Specialties
Fern Snowball
Fitzhugh L. Corr
Florence Petry
Florence Rhorer
Floyd Click
Frances Sommerkamp
Francis F. O’Brien
Francis Groneck
Fred Mills
Gail Spence
Gary Bishop
Gary C. Meyer
Gary E. Hampton
Gary W. Aman
Gayle F. Davis
Gayle Francis
Gayle S. Pirman
Geoffrey Vickers
George Reising
Gerald C. Perkins
Gerald J. Rapien
Geraldine J. Foltz
Geraldine T. Murray
Gerhard Winter
Gerrie M. Kramer
Glenda Spencer
Glenn Fleming
Glenn L. Smith
Gloria A. Noel
Gordon E. Kuhn
Grateful Grahams
Greg Scanlon
Gregory D. Holian
Gregory D. Stulz
Hannelore Harris
Harold Wiley
Harry J. Eagan
Harry Thorn
Harry Thurman
Hazel M. Jones
Heather Lutkenhoff
Helen D. Pulsfort
Helen E. Doyle
Helen F. Shupe
Helen Tubesing
Helen Urlage
Horace A. Snyder
Howard D. Lancaster
Iosetta M. Steely
Irvin L. Class
J .Joyce Herthel
Jack Lundy
Jack W. Mehalko
Jacklyn D. Newman
Jaclyn Mitchell
James A. Dressman
James Allen
James B. Wissman
James E. Hoppenjans
James F. Kasper
James H. Lester
James Harris
James J. Cartwright
James J. Wade
James Lampe
James M. Cahill
James M. Scheper
James M. Warken
James O. Clapp
James R. Helbling
James R. Morris
James S. Cogswell
James Wheeler
Jamie Courtney
Jan D. Stanley
Jane Cole
Jane Kohrs
Janet B. Schulte
Janet E. Boehmer
Janet Grau
Janet L. Fischer
Janet M. Davis
Janet R. Stadtmiller
Janet R. Wadsworth
Janet Sogar
Janice Popp
Jason Bayer
Jason Copley
Jean C. Jennings
Jean Durkin
Jean Hamilton
Jean R. Chestnut
Jeff Scharf
Jeffrey T. Grothaus
Jenifer A. Remnant
Jennifer Lyon
Jennifer M. Dean
Jerome R. Siemer
Jerry Daugherty
Jerry J. Lancaster
Jerry J. Spivey
Jessica Preston
Jill Leising
Jill Wilson
Jo Ann Coder
Joan Boehmer
Joan Joseph
Joan L. Schurfranz
Joann R. Schwartz
Joann Werbrich
Joanne Basse
JoAnne Blakely
Joanne F. Grogan
Jocelyn W. Sodoma
Joe Droege
John A. Kirn
John C. Blackwell
John C. Miller
John C. Zoda
John D. Morrison
John G. Simon
John H. Grothaus
John L. Comer
John S. DeWitt
John T. Ryan
Jonni Lynch
Joseph A. Brosky
Joseph E. Leadingham
Joseph H. Legner
Joseph J. Glavan
Joseph J. Raispis
Joseph Seavers
Joseph T. Miller
Joseph V. Rakosi
Josephine V. Bartak
Joy Kimberly LaFollette
Joyce A. Leach
Joyce Overhulse
Juanita Teipel
Juanita Z. Hanna
Judith D. McKinney
Judith F. Wallace
Judy A. Taylor
Julia A. Oldfield
Julie Schmitz
June I. Watters
June M. Jana
June Williams
Justin D. Verst
Kahil C. Mulla
Karen L. George
Kathleen Herrmann
Kathryn Bonta
Kathy Janson
Kathy Knepfle
Kathy S. Weinel
Kathy Yeager
Kay D. Deller
Keith Dale
Keith Geiman
Kelly Cape
Kelly Roberts
Kelly Serfoss
Kenneth Cottongim
Kenneth J. Bresser
Kenneth R. Hall
Kenneth Safford
Kenneth W. Bright
Kermit W. Ballmer
Kevin Miller
Kevin Moser
Kimberley Schamer
Kimberly A. Lentz
Kimberly C. Johnson
Kimberly Herald
Kimberly R. Remmell
Kristi S. Brock
Kyle J. Riehemann
Larry G. Atwood
Larry J. Gross
Larry W. Royalty
Laura A. Loyd
Laura A. Vradelis
Laura J. Walter
Laurie C. McKinley
Laurie Leonhard
Laverne Johns
Lenore Steppe
Leo F. Gubser
Leo G. Grote
Leon Boothe
Leonard Spegal
Leroy D. Bieber
Leroy F. Neltner
Lesley L. Roach
Leslie E. Palmer
Linda Baker
Linda Benson
Linda C. Henke
Linda Fogle
Linda G. Watson
Linda L. Verst
Linda Lavelle
Linda Ochs
Linda Schneider
Lisa C. Collins
Lloyd D. Molitor
Lois Didier
Lon McGlasson
Loraine B. Over
Lori Steely
Lori Thoburn
Lorraine A. Powell
Lorraine Vonhagel
Louis A. Boehmer
Louis E. Hellmann
Louis Herzog
Lydia Groomes
Lynlee Foster
Lynn E. Porter
Lynn Y. Bullard
Lynne M. Keltz
M. Helene Paul
Marcia E. Kuebbing
Marcia Gillham
Margaret Harrison
Margaret M. O’Brien
Margaret Markowitz
Margaret Ruebusch
Marian Efker
Marilyn J. Dressman
Marilyn Overly
Marjorie E. Long
Marjorie Fairchild
Marjorie H. Templeton
Marjorie L. Kaiser
Mark A. Jahnke
Mark B. McDonald
Mark D. Hunt
Mark E. Morscher
Mark Hahn
Mark Lillenstein
Marlis Norton
Marsha Westmeyer
Martha B. Duggins
Martha H. Hunter
Martha Moorman
Martha S. Davey
Marvin L. Knobloch
Mary A. Ladrigan
Mary Alexander
Mary Ann Courtoy
Mary Ann Niceley
Mary Corken
Mary Etta Bass
Mary J. Kleier
Mary K. Dorning
Mary L. Cunningham
Mary L. Fledderman
Mary Lou Keller
Mary M. Hoffman
Mary P. Cheesman
Marylyn H. Majancsik
Mason Enterprises
Matilda Hasson
Maureen H. Roderick
McKenzie Thom
Melissa D. Hatton
Melissa Fischer
Melissa Lay
Melvin H. Lueke
Merilyn Reinhardt
Merle F. Barrett
Michael A. Hein
Michael B. Gilbert
Michael F. Higgins
Michael Hegener
Michael J. Kramer
Michael T. Holtz
Michael Widdis
Michele A. Albers
Michelle Sebastian
Mildred Ferguson
Monica Northcutt
Mosser P. Shives
Myrle M. Ashcraft
Nabil M. Boulos
Nancy Bloemer
Nancy K. Duteil
Nancy R. Wingate
Nancy Schulte
Nancy White
Neiheisel Plumbing, Inc.
Neil M. Leonard
Nicholas D. Gener
Nina S. Key
Noel H. Trout
Nolan Owen
Nona E. McGuffey
Norma Devivo
Norma R. Nichols
Olena B. Ramey
Oliver Horn
Ottis J. Reed
Owen Serey
P. Ross Pope
Pam Shields
Pamela A. Ruschman
Pasqualina B. Huff
Patricia A. Hunt
Patricia Hunter
Patricia Stull
Patricia Taney
Patrick Gibson
Patrick Raverty
Patty Avriett
Paul B. Schaefer
Paul D. Hensley
Paul Hardcorn
Paul J. Witte
Paul Michels
Paula Wichman
Pearl C. Mardis
Peggy Burris
Peggy Kinsella
Penny S. Kays
Phyllis Carlson
Phyllis J. McCord
Picazo Bar
R. J. Rowe
Rachel M. Gregory
Ralph Ascoli
Ralph C. Johnson
Ralph L. Bailey
Raymond Elfers
Raymond G. Graven
Raymond J. Beatsch
Rebecca Clark
Rebecca J. Haake
Rebecca K. Kaye
Rebecca White
Regina K. Bruce
Rex Russell
Richard A. Michalack
Richard E. McCafferty
Richard E. Park
Richard J. Menke
Richard S. Mackiewicz
Richard Thomas
Rita C. Moss
Rita Gabbard
Rita Stapleton
Rob Garden
Robert Boehm
Robert C. Wiltse
Robert E. Wade
Robert Etler
Robert F. Holzwarth
Robert F. Vennemann
Robert H. Hasse
Robert H. Jacobs
Robert H. Ries
Robert H. Van Gorden
Robert J. Albers
Robert J. Kirkwood
Robert J. Kreidler
Robert L. Herman
Robert L. Shively
Robert L. Thomann
Robert M. Stuart
Robert Miller
Robert Myers
Robert N. Rottman
Robert P. Baute
Robert P. Root
Robert P. Temmen
Robert Pikar
Robert R. Adams
Robert R. Grubbs
Robert R. Schroeder
Robert S. Zapp
Robert V. Brown
Robert W. Barrett
Robert W. Rotte
Robert W. Zembrodt
Robert Z. Gray
Roberta Hughes
Robin R. Saylor
Rodney Reel
Roger C. Scott
Roger W. Howland
Roger W. Vallandingham
Ronald C. Goetz
Ronald G. Ehme
Ronald J. Stieby
Ronald Rice
Ronald Torres
Rosa C. Volosky
Rosa Hollis-Bird
Rosaleen B. Delaney
Rose M. Wilder
Rose Shay
Rose Wachs
Rosemary E. Scott
Rosemary Raybourne
Rosemary Young
Roy F. Gold
Roy Knipp
Russell A. Kerdolff
Russell Scheve
Ruth A. Ruberg
Ruth Ann Hazlett
Ruth E. Styles
Ruth G. Wilkinson, Jr.
Ruth Glass
Sally Volter
Sandra J. Lageman
Sandra K. Herth
Sarah Drew
Scooter Media
Sergey Gogolev
Sharon Gay
Sharon Sickmeier
Sharyn L. Hughes
Shelley Graft
Sheri Kuhlman
Shirley A. Short
Shirley C. Dupre
Shirley T. Bernstein
Shirley T. Phillips
Shirley Thompson
Shively Transportation, LLC
Stacey Adams
Stanley L. Yelton
Stellar Bernice Meyers
Stephanie S. Schenk
Stephen A. Gallichio
Stephen L. Long
Steve Kappesser
Steven A. Thompson
Steven C. Garey
Successor Trustee(S) of the Anna Romito Trust
Sue Massey
Sue Tull
Suellen Szarmach
Susan E. Michel
Susan M. Shook
Sydney Haggerty
Sylvia Oswald
Ted A. Dealba
Teresa Higdon
Teresa M. Patton
Teresa Wilson
Terri J. Ballard
Terry L. Thill
Thelma L. Shelton
Theodore H. Krallman
Theresa Barczak
Theresa E. Di Muzio
Theresa M. Mohan
Theresa M. Riegler
Thomas C. Rambo
Thomas C. Stapleton
Thomas D. Goshorn
Thomas E. Brown
Thomas Fatzinger
Thomas G. Fisher
Thomas G. Voss
Thomas J. Gerrein
Thomas J. Heyer
Thomas J. McDonald
Thomas M. Taylor
Thomas R. Bell
Thomas Saalfeld
Thomas W. Carr
Thomas Wiethorn
Tim C. Foster
Tim Weinel
Tim Wendlim
Timothy E. Troendle
Timothy R. Christy
Timothy Wilshire
Todd H. Bailey
Tom Kuechler
Tom McKee
Tom Rechtin Heating & Air Conditioning Company, Inc.
Toni Payton
Tonia Slone
Tony Bonomini
Tonya Spencer
Tracy Neltner
Trinity Episcopal Church, Inc.
Velma C. Slayback
Velma Clifton
Vicki L. Bauder
Victoria E. Sebastian
Vincent S. Stapp
Walter J. Dauzenberg
Walter J. Ormsbee
Wanda Bryant
Wanda F. Griffith Flory
Wanda K. Smith
Wayne A. Jones
Wayne Turner
Willard Lykins
William B. Hoppenjans
William D. Wainscott
William E. Freeman
William G. Haven
William I. Donnermeyer
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William L. Scheyer
William Presnell
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William R. Spegal
William T. Dennis
William Witten
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Wiring for Industrial Controls
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